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Before you rent our teepees, please make sure to thoroughly read and understand our terms and conditions.  

Party Items

Damage/Lost or Stolen:

Any damages or lost/stolen rental equipment will incur a cost equal to its replacement.  We reserve the right to exit immediately due to illegal activity or rude and disrespectful clients.  You will be charged the full price for the party.  

Liability to Third Parties

The business will not be held responsible for accidental damage caused by your guests.  We assume no responsibility or liability for accidents or damage caused during your party.  Additionally, we will not be liable for claims for personal injury or death while using our equipment during your hire period.  The items are made for children and customers have a duty to care to supervise.  


A non-smoking environment must be provided at all times during the teepee rental.  Please do your best to keep pets away from the teepees.  No food allowed.  Shoes are not allowed in the teepee.  Pets, food and drinks are prohibited inside the teepee.


A checklist of the rental items and any additional items at the time of the delivery will be provided and verified by the client and the business.  It is the client's responsibility to return all the items that are checked in perfect condition the next day.  


AL Sleepy Teepee reserves the right to use photographs taken at your event in any promotional media controlled by us.  Rest assured that we will never use identifying information in these images.  If you would like an image removed, please contact us immediately via email or text.  Feel free to tag AL Sleepy Teepee in any of your social media posts.  


Pets, makeup, food and drinks are prohibited inside the teepee.  Any stains inside or outside the tents will result in a penalty charge of $50 plus a $50 cleaning fee.  

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